Bark Products
For planted areas, raised beds and paths
-Naturally suppresses weeds on planted areas.
-Helps soil retain moisture and improves plant establishment.
-Minimises drought stress and plant loss.
-Enhances visual appearance of planted areas.
-Reduces chemical and manual weeding and the need for extensive watering.
-Adds nutrients to the soil as it is broken down.
-Produced from sustainable sources
A quality pine bark nugget for play areas. Manufactured to the highest standards and tested to BS EN1177
-Acts as a safety cushion reducing the impact of falls in play areas.
-An attractive alternative to grass or hard paved areas.
-Pest, disease and weed free.
-Free-draining, minimal freezing,
-Can be used as a prestigious border mulch or path surface.
A quality pine bark nugget for play areas. Manufactured to the highest standards and tested to BS EN1177
other bark and woodchip products available upon request

A fine quality topsoil ideally suited for turfing and grass seeding
-Consistent quality.
-Blended from screened horticultural soil and organic material.
-No additional soil conditioners required.
-BS 3882 compliant.
-Can also be used as a top dressing

Subject to availability.
-Horticultural soil screened to 10mm.
-Ideal for general purpose use including levelling, seeding and topping up.
Screened horticultural topsoil blended with soil conditioner or manure
-Specifically blended for creating or topping up borders and raised beds.
-Minimal stone content to 10mm improving drainage properties.
-Immediately ready for planting trees or shrubs into.
-Can be blended to your requirements.
- topsoil mixes are made to order and can include any proportion of;
- sand, for turfing/seeding/topdressing
- horticultural grit for planted borders and planters
- 6mm or 10mm stone where drainage is important
- compost/manure/soil conditioner for specific planting or mulching

- Consistent blend of bark and soil conditioner. Ratios can be altered to suit. Standard is 40/60 mix.
- Perfect for yearly mulching or incorporating into borders before or after planting.
- Helps prevent weed growth, cutting out light.  Improves soil conditions and water-holding capacity.
- Reduces weeding and maintenance work to your borders.
- Adds nutrients to soils and plants.
- Shop-brought 'packaged' mulches may contain hormones, insecticides and herbicides.
- Creates a high contrast around planting and against lawns.
- Soft look planting mulch.

A rich, dark, consistent mulch for planted borders
-For reseeding and renovation of worn grassed areas.
-To top dress lawns providing stronger plants and a greener appearance.
-Ideal for planting trees or large shrubs.
-Can be mixed with other mulches to order or blended with topsoils
-Breaks down clay soils and when combined with sandy soils improves their structure and water retention.
-Builds up fertility in soils to ensure healthy plant growth.
-High temperatures are maintained during production to eradicate weed seeds.
-Can be used any time of the year.
-A thick layer prevents weed growth and the soil from drying out, whilst discouraging pests such as slugs and snails taking hold.
-Organically produced, totally recycled and peat free..
We have blending facillities which allow us to tailor make products to your requirements, be it topsoils for general landscaping, planting, seeding or turfing. Mulches for feeding borders or just decorating them. Contact us with your requirement.



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